We meet once a month at various places around the region, often in Birmingham city centre. During the summer months we host a family picnic day, featuring the ‘Great BrumSciComm Bake Off’.

It is not unusual for people to try out new demonstrations, seek career advice or find themselves planning work with each other. We get people who aren’t even scientists; so no excuse. There is no guest speaker and we like it informal.

As a change, we’re heading to Pure Bar, Waterloo Street on Thursday 18th October from 18:00 onwards. Jamie Gallagher, Science communicator and dancer will be visiting so bring your best cuban heels.

Ooo, dates for next year already? Friday 11th January 2019. We’re inviting science teachers from all over to join us as we hit the ASE Conference programme! “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

Definitely a sociable bunch.

– Sarah Bearchell