#BrumSciComm was born in a cafe on a random afternoon. Three friends realised they had lots of ideas about translating research but never got round to sharing them. They decided on an excuse to get together with others, but without an agenda, so nothing like a meeting at all. As a community of practice, we are made up of representatives of many organisations and are our own boss. ^_^

Like other examples around the country, the idea was to invite researchers, artists, creatives and science communicators to share ideas about how to work together. We are journalists, researchers, teachers, performers, writers, buskers, musicians, film-makers, amateurs and professionals.

nccpeWe are listed with the NCCPE public engagement ambassador scheme for the South-West, North-West of England and all of Wales. If you are running an arts or science conference or training session in the region, let us know and we can meet up; maybe even organise a social to coincide with you.


All images courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech