Mo Rassul

Hey! I am Mo, and an exuberant neuroscientist; I started with humble beginnings as an artist, however the siren song of science later lured me in to do a Degree in Neuroscience. With that I was hooked, and like any addict I fed my addiction, a science festival here, a small masters degree in physical sciences there, a PhD in secret in the backroom, there was no end to my addiction. Now, the problem with an addiction like this, is you always want company, people who you can enjoy your vice with, so I started going to into public areas, schools, and even museums, and shared my vice with those who would listen. With that here I am, sitting in a lab in Birmingham, looking for more opportunities to share some science.

I have got involved in many events whether it was science busking within festivals such as CoCoMAD, ‘Brain Week’, and the British science festival; or demonstrating less mobile science such as with Thinktank ‘Meet the Scientists’, or the Big Bang fair. I have also been in many science discussion events such as ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here’, Pint of Science, and “die kleine NaturWissenschaft Tournee”.