*Blink Blink*

Now we can see  more clearly, we have a better idea of what #BrumSciComm would like to do. Providing this space is the next step in making that happen. Let me share with you what those ideas are and what we would like you to do with us.

After many socials and questions, ideas and much tea we want to develop a resource that will be of use to our whole community. That includes everyone from the seasoned practitioners to the newbies and aspiring visionaries. This means we will be providing useful links to people within the community and hints and tips for creating something special. There may be jobs that arise which are of interest to science communicators within the region. Hopefully, even opportunities for guests to contribute pieces for this blog alongside other things we love and want to share.

We are also keen to experiment with showcasing how stories about science can be translated through various mediums. To try this, our plan is to engage with creative communities within the area and collaborate of these projects.

This all seems quite ambitious for a few friends with little time and no budget. Yet that has not stopped us so far. As I said at the beginning, small steps will help us achieve all the things we would love this space to become.



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