Josh Award 2016

The Josh Award is the UK’s national award in science communication, established to recognise and support up-and-coming talent in science communication.

The award recognises a defining moment in the career of a science communicator; a person who is a practicing scientist or someone who has chosen science communication as their profession. This defining moment could be a game changing project, piece of work, way of working, or a key moment of change, creativity, innovation or passion.  A defining moment in a career that has transformed science communication practice, inspired others or changed the landscape of science communication.

The award provides the opportunity to become the science communicator in residence at the Manchester Science Festival 2016, in partnership with the University of Salford, Manchester developing and delivering a new project or event while showcasing best practise in the field of science communication. They’ll also receive up to £1000 to develop their project or event with Manchester Science Festival and up to £500 personal expenses budget (this budget will be agreed and held by the Manchester Science Festival).

The closing date for applications for the 2016 Josh Award is 14th April. Find out more or apply here.


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