Painting pollinators course

Take a closer look at the relationship between pollinating insects and plants, with Cath Hodsman, Wildlife and Natural History Artist. Join us for a glorious summer day out, on this fascinating art and science event to be held at Cath’s home-based classroom, studio and wildlife garden in the beautiful Cotswolds.

Cath Hodsman is one of the country’s leading entomological artists and is well-known for her unique and fascinating workshops where she takes students on magical journeys into the unseen world of insects.

This watercolour painting course is aimed at beginners and for those who want to learn more about the hidden worlds that are all around us. It will examine the essential and fascinating relationship between pollinating insects and the plants that they live in, on and around. It will look at how plants provide food for insects, in return for pollination.

Each student will have their own dedicated microscope for the day, as well as beautiful insect specimens, to enter the unseen and fascinating world of insects – To study how insects pollinate and how they obtain food from plants.

The students will then pay homage to what they see and learn, through the medium of art, by producing a beautiful and unique watercolour painting.

The day will also include a tour of Cath’s own wildlife garden, incorporating indigenous wildflowers, insect habitats and even a badger sett! -To see how her work is also a lifestyle choice Lunch at Cath’s lovely country home is also included.
About the Trainer:

Cath has paid homage to insects though her art, for the last 6 years. In every artistic study she does, she strives for anatomical accuracy. Her aim is to show the world how colourful, strong, intricate intelligent, resourceful and beautiful they are. In doing this, she aims to educate about and celebrate insects’ importance and significance in the natural world.

Through her art she has worked with organisations and groups, such as The Natural History Museum, London; The Royal Horticultural Society; The Wildlife Trusts; The National Trusts; The Wildfowl Trusts, The Royal Society of Biology; The Amateur Entomologists Society; Butterfly Conservation; The British Beekeepers Association; Buglife; The Species Recovery Trust, and many more.

This event has been approved by the Royal Society of Biology for purposes of CPD and can be counted as 15 CPD points. Significant member discounts are available. A certificate of attendance will be provided after the event.

Date: 15/08/16
Start time: 10:00
End time: 16:00
Where: South Cotswolds

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