Royal Society of Biology – Charter Lecture

The West Midlands Branch of the Royal Society of Biology present Professor Gareth Williams of Bristol University. He will speak on Vaccination – Blessing or Curse at this year’s Charter Lecture.

Professor Williams is a respected physician, academic and award winning medical author. His popular books Angel of Death: the story of smallpox, Paralysed with Fear: the story of polio and A Monstrous Commotion: the mysteries of Loch Ness make compelling reading. When asked about the Charter Lecture he said,”Edward Jenner’s discovery of vaccination in 1796 ushered in one of the greatest ever advances in medical technology, which has saved hundreds of millions of lives. It also unleashed a war of disinformation, which continues and seems unlikely to end – as the recent controversy over the MMR vaccine illustrates all too clearly.” So we can be assured of a lively consideration of the origins of vaccination and associated challenges past and present.

This lecture will be suitable for specialists and students of all ages alike as well as the general public, but will be of particular interest to those studying for healthcare-related qualifications or A-level biology.

It will be held in the Great Hall at Aston University on 11th October 2106, from 19:30 onwards.

If you have any queries regarding this event please email or phone 0121 501 3490