ESO – The visible and the hidden

During the Christmas holidays in 2016, from Friday 26 December to Thursday 1 January, 56 secondary school students aged 16–18 will spend a week in the Italian Alps doing astronomy activities and becoming part of a vibrant international community of alumni and astronomers.

Applications are now open for the ESO astronomy camp 2016. To apply, students should complete the form available from the website and upload a 3-minute video. The video should be in English on the theme “I would like to invent/discover… because”. Applications close on October 4, so hurry.

More information on the camp and how to apply is available here.

To read an account of a previous astronomy camp in Science in School, visit: Cenadelli D, Olivotto C, Sandu O, Christensen LL (2014) Camping under the stars — the ESO Astronomy Camp 2013. Science in School 30: 8.

ESO is the world’s most productive ground-based astronomical observatory, with its headquarters in Garching, near Munich in Germany, and its telescopes in Chile.