Job – Malta, scicomm and public engagement

There is a recently opened up job opportunity for a full-time science communication project manager with administrative roles at the University of Malta. It involves running a scicomm Summer School called STEAM followed by a national campaign of activities. Hand in hand with this EU project called CREATIONS seeing science creatively going into schools. The post will also migrate to the EU project NUCLEUS that will see the concepts of Public Engagement and RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) being made part of the University of Malta. This project is probably the largest scicomm activity happening in the world right now with over 20 partners including China and South Africa.

The position is ideal for enthusiastic individuals interested in taking a fresh approach to public engagement. We are looking for people with previous experience organising events and managing projects. It will involve significant amount of travelling around Europe. The job description can be seen here.

The salary depends on qualifications, Undergrad: €18–20,000 & Masters: €24,000. These salaries are the national standard in Malta.

Please get in touch for more information: