Chemistry World scicomm competition

The RSC’s Chemistry World is hosting a competition to support people getting into scicomm. It’s open to new science communicators (sorry, but no previous paid scicomm experience) aged 16 or over. Full eligibility details are on the web page.

  • The five finalists get their work published in Chemistry World, £250 each and some mentoring before the live final (at Burlington house, home of the Royal Society of Chemistry in London).
  • The winner on the night gets an additional £250 and a unique reporting assignment with AkzoNobel, tailored to your interests.

This year they are asking entrants to tackle the role of chemistry in their local urban environment. Whether you live in a sprawling megacity, a market town or a humble hamlet, they want you to demonstrate how chemistry can make your neighbourhood better. You can tackle any aspect of chemistry and your community, suggest a solution to a problem or highlight something that is already using chemistry to make life better. They don’t mind whether you talk to us about problems or successes, but it must be happening in your local area, as near to your doorstep as possible.

  • Do you have delapidated buildings nearby that need better protective coatings?
  • Have you seen a great application of renewable energy in public transport?
  • Are the trees in your local park affected by disease?
  • Do you need more low-maintainance green spaces?
  • Could your local shopping centre be making better use of recycled materials?

Full eligibility requirements are here.

Entries should be made through the online submission form.

You need to provide two pieces of work to be entered for shortlisting. They must receive both of these no later than the closing date of Friday 31 March 2017.

  • A written essay that would be suitable for publication in Chemistry World of no more than 800 words excluding headline and references
  • A video of no more than two minutes, showing how well you can present your chosen topic. It’s not about Hollywood production values, so webcam or mobile videos are fine