Fascination of Plants Day

Taking place on 18th May every other year, this is a worldwide initiative of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) and Global Plant Council (GPC), where plant scientists engage with schools and the public to enthuse them about the wonders of plants. This is an excellent opportunity to show your community the science that is being carried out on their doorstep, so if you would like to take part in FoPD this year and organise one or more activities at your institution or in your local area, go to the EPSO website to find out the coordinator for your country to propose your event.

FoPD is scheduled for 18th May but events can run around that time, depending on which is the best and most convenient day (eg you may prefer to run it at the weekend, or on an alternative day during the week). After the events we will collect photos and any write-ups of the day and post them up on the website to create a colourful and vibrant record of this unique plant science day. We very much hope to get a great list of events for 2017 to make a nationwide impact and contribute to the worldwide FoPD programme.

Sarah Blackford
Head of Education & Public Affairs
Society for Experimental Biology