Presenting 101 at Presenter Network ‘On The Road’

The Presenter Network ‘on the road’ will land at the National Space Centre in Leicester on the 5th of April.

If you are new to the world of presenting or just looking to build experience and pick up extra tips this session will be really useful. It will follow a similar format to regular Presenter Network Sessions run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich in that there will be facilitated and discussion-based sessions but this time we are going on the road and collaborating with the lovely team at the National Space Centre.

They have a number of team members there who do public presenting in different ways, so as well as a Presenting 101 session they’ll be running an Introduction to Astronaut Physics featuring the National Space Academy’s Astro Academy: Principia, and an introduction to their Space Communication team and the National Space Centre’s new public engagement programmes.

There will also be coffee, tea and brownies to keep you going through the session and the chance to meet up in town afterwards for a mini-social. You can find out how to get to the centre here,  aim for the Welcome Desk under the Soyuz on arrival and they’ll direct you through. Please let them know in advance if you would like to attend by contacting kierann via