Science Centre wanted for ‘Bubble DAZE5’

Every two years bubble artists/experts get together from around the world for a bubble symposium. So far these events have been in San Francisco ExploratoriumCopenhagen Experimentarium and Chicago. We would like to host the next one in the U.K. and we are looking for a science centre as a venue.

The event lasts about five days including at least one weekend day (for the benefit of our host and public shows). Our group includes the likes of Tom Noddy and Sam Sam Bubble Man, although their attendance cannot be guaranteed. The event attracts approximately 30 international balloon artists and is VERY popular with museum visitors. We make no charge for our performances

It consists of:

  1. Bubble workshops/ skill sharing between the artists;
  2. A bubble extravaganza at the host venue, consisting of multiple bubble shows and one multi artist show;
  3. An outdoor bubble fest creating giant bubbles in a public space;
  4. At least one Guinness World Record attempt.

Ideally the venue would:

  • be close to a hotel big enough to accommodate all the bubble artists in one place;
  • have a workshop room with a sink for our CPD sessions and access to a microwave for our sessions on making bubble solutions;
  • have an outdoor space for giant bubbling;
  • have plenty of indoor space for bubble shows;
  • have an auditorium for a “gala” bubble show.

Our two main requests are:

  1. the space in your venue at no cost to us;
  2. help obtaining funds to sponsor the hotel costs.

Please email me at if this sounds interesting to you.

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