BrumSciComm does CoCoMad Festival: Call for Volunteers

This summer BrumSciComm will be bringing science to CoCoMad a community arts festival in Cotteridge Park. This is the 21st year of the festival, run by the Friends of Cotteridge Park and we are delighted to be involved this year! It is being held in Cotteridge Park on Saturday 1st July.

We need you the fabulous people of BrumSciComm to do your thing and help us show everyone at the festival that science is awesome! We have received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry to put on several activities. The first of which is science busking, where you will roam the festival with short, fun, intriguing demos to share the wonder of science. The second is to help deliver the activities in the “science tent”, where we will be putting on longer hands on activities for children and families. We think we will need you between 12 and 7 pm on the day. If you can only do part of the day that is fine.

We will provide all the equipment for the activities, as well as training in how to do them. Training will be by Jon Wood, Naomi Green and Chris Hamlett between 6 pm and 8 pm on Tuesday 27th June.

Finally if anyone fancies doing a show on stage at the CoCoLounge please let us know!

So if you are up for taking part in the festival please email Naomi Green, and she will get in touch with more details nearer the time.

Thanks for your enthusiasm as always,

Love BrumSciComm xx


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