Think: Public Engagement with Research

Join University of Birmingham for WORLDS COLLIDE II, a networking event designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement with research between our research community and the wider creative sector.

The event will take place on 26 July 2017 at the University of Birmingham.

WORLDS COLLIDE is open to:

  • University of Birmingham researchers from the arts, humanities and sciences. All Colleges are welcome.

  • Artists, creative practitioners, and cultural organisations working outside of the University.


  • ‘Collide’ participants to unearth synergies and common interests which may feed in to future public engagement projects.

  • Promote understanding of what public engagement with research is (from a funder and University perspective) and catalyse interdisciplinary public engagement explicitly linked to current UoB research.

  • Deepen understanding and transparency of the barriers to collaboration, to help potential collaborators think through ground rules and guidance for developing mutually beneficial public engagement with research projects…

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