Creativity & Culture Online Conference

Creativity & Culture 2017 is an online conference designed to create a creative space for conversations between academics, educators and entrepreneurs with a deep interest in development of creativity skills to stimulate sustainable prosperity in a creative economy.

The 7 speakers are experts in their fields (academia, education, business and art) and will be speaking at the conference from USA, UK and Malaysia.

The intention is to create a space for conversations between academics researching creativity; educators with a passion for teaching creativity skills and entrepreneurs with a deep desire to stimulate a creative economy.

It may be of particular interest to:

  1. Academics researching creativity, or with an interest in creativity.
  2. Educators passionate about development of creativity skills.
  3. Entrepreneurs with a deep desire to stimulate a sustainable, creative economy.

Free tickets for the event are available here.

Jesvir Mahil
Conference organiser
University for Life