Wellcome reports on reaching disadvantaged young people

List members might be interested in two recent publications from Wellcome-commissioned research, which are available on our website.

The first, by 2CV, is called ‘The context of youth workers’. It sets out the drivers and motivations of youth workers and explores how science engagement might help them achieve their goals. It includes a guide on how best to communicate with youth workers if you’re a science communicator.

The second, ‘Context matters’ is by Renaisi and explores the findings from research we commissioned to understand the impact of science engagement training for youth workers on children and young people affected by disadvantage.

They invite people’s thoughts and feedback on these reports. Do they resonate with you? Are they helpful? How might you be able to use it? I should also add a caveat: they are a _part_ of a story! We’re not claiming that these reports tell us everything, but they are pieces in a jigsaw.

Please do get in touch with Mat directly ( if you want to discuss further.