FLUX – Moving Science for SciComm

Flux are launching two new STEM opportunities for the workplace in their Autumn programme.

First is their Yoga Lab, designed to bring yoga and well being to the STEM workplace and second is their training for science performers & communicators in physical performance techniques, relaxation and presentation.

We are offering the opportunity for science communicators to work with us to improve performance techniques and hone in their skills. We are sharing our years of science communication experience, physical performance practices with the Sci Comm community in the hopes to take individuals talent to the next level.

In other news, you don’t want to miss their new performance at the Curiosity Carnival: Part of European Researchers Night. They have been working with researchers from John Radcliffe Department of Medicine to develop a new performance piece exploring Atrial Fibrillation. Time: 7-10pm, 29th September 2017, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Alongside our new performance piece we are pleased to offer a new Moving Science Workshop exploring how the heart functions. We will be encouraging students to regularly check their own pulse and asking them to teach the rest of their families how to correctly check their pulse. AVAILABLE FOR SCHOOLS & EDUCATION EVENTS, KEY STAGE 1-4