CAPjournal #22 Now Available

The 22nd issue of CAPjournal is now available online.

In this issue our contributors explore the value and challenges of working in different venues — our libraries, airplanes and airport lounges. We look at the partnerships that grow behind the scenes when we use new spaces and what these can mean for the reach and diversity of our activities. In other articles, authors take astronomy to the hands of the public with 3D printing and “hands-on” computer visualisations; using modern technological advancements to their absolute fullest. We are proud to have here another issue with projects and authors coming from around the world — whether it be looking at astronomy events in Canada, science communication through television in Iran, or science festivals in the UK.

We remind you that if you have an article to share with the community, would like to comment on articles in this or previous issues, or have a letter to the editor that you would like us to publish you are welcome to get in touch. More on submissions here.

Your feedback is very valuable to us, so please feel free to contact us with any comments on


Georgia Bladon
ESA/Hubble Public Information Officer | CAPjournal Editor-in-Chief