Learn to blog about science on Facebook Live

With public health, the planet and the future of humanity on the line, it’s more important than ever that the knowledge science creates be as widely shared as possible. That’s why actor and science communicator Alan Alda is teaming up with Scientific American to kick off a new Facebook Live series about how to write blogs and op-eds for magazines, newspapers and other media outlets.

Starting this Friday, October 13, at 4:30pm ET tune in for a public web series with Scientific American and Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University. New episodes will air bi-weekly throughout the fall featuring guests including Scientific American’s Editor-in-Chief Mariette DiChristina, The New York Times’ Claudia Dreifus, Northeastern University’s Professor of Communication Studies and Affiliate Professor of Public Policy and Urban Affairs Matthew Nesbitt, and more.

The full details can be found here.

HT Sarah Bearchell, Sarah’s Adventures in Science


(Sorry I got this one out late. You can still join though – Jon)