British Science Week grants open

British Science Week grants for schools and community groups are now open! To help with BSW events, the British Science Association are encouraging all grant applicants to use Science Live, our online platform for connecting event organisers, contributors and audiences.

We recently added new features to Science Live. Many of you were already registered and will have had speaker and volunteer ‘offered ads’ automatically created. However, one of the new features we’ve added, based on feedback from schools and community groups, is the ability to register an offer to advise on an event. Please consider updating your profile with a new advisor offered ad if you’re available to help advise event organisers, particularly schools and community groups who may not have experience running science events.

In addition, again based on feedback from the aforementioned groups but also from science communicators like yourselves, we’ve added the option of “show” to event type. If you would like to specifically promote a show that you offer, create an offered ad and select ‘show’ under event type. We know that schools in particular are always looking for shows, especially for British Science Week!

Finally, if you’re not registered on Science Live and you’re keen to contribute to science events as a speaker, volunteer and/or advisor, please check it out!


Christina Fuentes Tibbitt
Engagement Manager