Research enrichment funding

The Wellcome Trust invites applications for its research enrichment funding. This enables current Wellcome grant holders to increase the impact of their work in regards to public engagement, open research and diversity and inclusion. Three types of funding are available:

  • public engagement – support for engaging the public with the applicant’s research, worth up to £250,000 or five per cent of the main Wellcome grant;
  • open research – support for developing innovative ways to make the applicant’s research open, accessible and reusable, worth up to £50,000;
  • diversity and inclusion – support for identifying and tackling barriers to diversity and inclusion in the applicant’s work, worth up to £20,000.

Current Wellcome-funded lead applicant grant holders and new applicants may apply. Applicants must be funded through an eligible Wellcome funding scheme, which excludes all master’s and PhD level funding.

Funding may last until the end of the main Wellcome grant.

Applications due by 5pm GMT/BST with deadlines on:

5 February 2018,
16 April 2018,
9 July 2018.

Full details are here and the application form is here.