BIG’s ‘Little Event’ programme released

There are still places left for the Little Event 2018. This year’s programme includes:

  • Setting the scene – A whistle-stop tour of STEM engagement.
  • Managing projects – From small events like 30-minute demo shows and table top interactives to workshops and science festivals, managing a project is just as important as creating its content.
  • Presenting science – You know the science but how can you make it accessible to others? A chance to develop your presenting skills.
  • Jobs – Some career options, where to look for jobs, and what qualifications are desirable.
  • Who is the Audience? – How much can audiences differ? Why does your audience even matter?

The Little Event is BIG’s one-day training session for people who are relatively new to STEM communication, whether you work in a science centre or museum, volunteer for a festival, are involved in university outreach, or do anything else to engage people with science, technology, engineering and maths. The day is crammed with sessions focusing on developing the different skills that are useful in face-to-face STEM communication; they are delivered by experienced science communicators following BIG’s usual hands-on approach.

But of course it isn’t just about the sessions, it’s the people you meet there too. The Little Event also presents a great opportunity to meet people from across the UK working in similar roles and sharing similar experiences.

The Little Event takes place on Wednesday 17th January at ThinkTank Science Museum in Birmingham and costs £45 for BIG members. If you are not a member, you need to join BIG to attend the Little Event and the cost for this is £30. Join BIG now