Invisible Dotography

Something for the microscopists amongst our readers!

The Big Bang Fair is set to open the world’s first invisible photography exhibition: displaying a series of images which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Instead, microscopes will be available to view the images in question, which are the width of a fine pen nib.

Using ground-breaking nanotechnology to print pictures using ‘quantum dots’, each image is the size of a single pixel (0.25 millimetres) meaning a high spec microscope is required to view each one.

The images included depict a number of topics relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). They are a mix of iconic photographs and original submissions from the science community, celebrities including Ben Miller and Lucy Porter, as well as local Birmingham schools.

There is a chance to see all this happiness before the Big Bang. You can glimpse them at a pop-up, in the Bull Ring for 4 days from the 24th of January, when it opens at 14:00. You will find Dotography at Unit K2, Link Street, Birmingham, B16 0EP.