CSI of the Sea

Every year around 600 porpoises, dolphins and whales (collectively known as cetaceans) strand around the UK coast. Why do these stranding events occur and what role does bycatch (accidental entanglement in fishing gear) play?

Join us for a very special online-only event from behind-the-scenes of ZSL for the opportunity to see a cetacean post-mortem, revealing the important work of the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP).

Hear from our experts and ask them your questions as we demonstrate how vital information is gathered and analysed, how the cause of death is determined, and what this unique research can tell us about the impact of bycatch on cetaceans in UK waters.
Visit to watch the event LIVE on Monday 12th March at 7pm.

Please be aware that the event will feature graphic footage of a post-mortem being conducted in real time.


Charlotte Coales
Coordinator for Public Engagement with Conservation Science
CSIP is co-funded by Defra and the Devolved Governments in Scotland and Wales.