New videos from the Linnean Society

The Linnean Society of London has produced 13 new educational videos! Links and descriptions for each of these videos can be found below. The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus; Life Underground and Clever Collections are three series which explore the fascinating world of Carl Linnaeus, taxonomy and whole organism biology. The stories, specimens and objects, shared in these 13 videos are entirely unique to The Linnean Society of London.

Check them all out here:

The Curious Cases of Carl Linnaeus tells funny stories about his journey of scientific exploration. Two more videos in this series will be released later this year!

Clever Collections highlights the most important scientific artefacts owned by The Linnean Society of London. This video series shows how these priceless artefacts are still relevant to this very day.

From a secret vault below the streets of London, Life Underground tells strange and mysterious stories about Carl Linnaeus’ specimens.