Science Media Centre internship programme

The Science Media Centre (SMC) is an independent press office for science, which works on some of the most controversial topics around. We have a very popular internship programme and we’re looking to promote the opportunity more widely.

We’re a small team of eight and our interns provide invaluable support and get to see everything that we work on and do. The internship mainly involves research and administrative tasks and is suitable for later-stage undergrads or postgrad students. We have interns the whole year round for four weeks at a time and we pay the London living wage (currently £10.20/hour). Many of our interns go on to work in science press or media.

We’re inviting applications for our internships which will be awarded competitively in six month cycles. We will aim to contact shortlisted candidates in June – for placements mid Jun-Dec – to invite them to interview with applications remaining open outside of this time. We’re particularly keen to encourage applications from the length and breadth of the country so please pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested.

In order for the SMC and interns to make the most of these placements our internships are set at four weeks – as such they are not aimed at postgraduate students looking for three month placements though we are in the process of considering how such placements could be accommodated.

If you are interested in applying then please send a cover letter and CV to along with your availability for the dates of the placements listed below and on our website.

18 Jun – 13 July
13 Aug – 7 Sep
10 Sep – 5 Oct
5 Nov – 30 Nov
3 Dec – 21 Dec

The job description is available to view on the SMC website.

Sophia McCully
Science Information Officer, SMC