There’s a lot of it about…

…and in order to keep your email inbox as light as possible, we’re going to present our privacy policy through the medium of expressive dance. No only joking.


To be honest, I’ve just spent an hour trying to dig as deep as possible into the personal information we can see as administrators of this website. (By ‘we’, I mean me, sarah and Naomi.) Anyway, it isn’t a lot, I can tell you. In fact the only data we can find that you cannot see relates to those who have subscribed to our newsletter.

Basically, if you’ve subscribed to get an update when we post, you would have done it via two ways:

  1. If you used your email address, that’s all we can see.
  2. If you were logged into WordPress and subscribed, we can see your website, if you have one made public that is.

Either way, we just want you to know that we don’t use your data in any way, and won’t contact you directly for any reason. Furthermore, if you want to unsubscribe at any time, each email notification of our new posts has a footer which links to the ‘unsubscribe from this list’ thing.

The next thing we want to say, is that we source much of our news from various other mailing lists, which we curate for you. These posts are likely to include contact details, usually in the form of an email address. If the source explicitly states it isn’t for further distribution we will not post it. We also try to be as accurate as possible, but admit that mistakes do happen. If you see something that isn’t right, tell us. Which brings us to…

Our website links to several other organisations, people and places who help us operate as a community of practice.  If you spot something you want us to change or remove, then contact us at We have access to our website pages and can edit whatever you want.

That’s our privacy policy then. Then there is the stuff we have no control over…


All that is left is to remind fellow WordPress users that Automattic who own the WordPress service (and others) we use to provide our website have their own privacy policy, which is here: They have updated their policy to include GDPR which we suggest you read so that you can review your own privacy settings.

Finally, our website is hosted on the ‘free’ WordPress plan. This means you get to see glorious adverts. We’ve no idea what they are for as we never see them. That’s down to Automattic to choose.


Now I’ve written this highly boring statement, I wish I had decided to portray it through expressive dance. At least we all would have stayed awake to the end.