Guest Blog: Matt Ward – join him on his journey into the blogosphere!

Think: Public Engagement with Research

PER Team recently heard about a new project being developed by Research Physicist, Matt Ward, and went to chat with him about it. Matt has been musing on the peculiar issue of early career researcher ‘invisibility’; that is the phenomenon by which the public have a tendency to only see science as either a school subject or a professor’s job, and very little in-between. It’s not a new issue and has previously been highlighted  by others, such as Sense About Science with their Voice of Young Science network. However, the public exposure to and understanding of early research remains limited. One key reason behind this probably comes from within; researchers tend only to put the most experienced member of the group forward and for a number of reasons often shy away from pushing (or allowing) younger researchers into the limelight. So Matt is launching a new blog to host interviews…

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