Busking opportunity at ASE conference

The annual conference for the Association of Science Teachers (ASE) is coming to the University of Birmingham campus on 9th to 12th of January 2019. It attracts a large number of delegates and more than 100 exhibitors who camp out in a marquee in Chancellors court, University of Birmingham.

On Saturday 12th of January, we have been invited to contribute to a science fair amongst these exhibitors in the marquee, busking the wonders of our favourite science. The exhibition space is open from 08:30 to 15:00 and we are looking to deliver wonderful science to the families of delegates who have joined them for a day out.

Whether you have experience of science busking or not, if you would like to share something wonderful, informally with a public audience, please email Jon ( If you would like to get some experience in science busking, Jon is repeating a 1 hour training session next week (Monday 3rd December 13:00 till 14:00, 14:00 till 15:00, 15:00 till 16:00, and starting every hour between 11:00 and 15:00 on Tuesday 4th December) in the atrium of the School of Chemical Engineering (building Y11), University of Birmingham, B15 2TT. Come for as many as you like.

There will be equipment for you to use on the day of the fair, but if you already have a demonstration that you really want to deliver then get in touch with Jon first describing what you have planned and include a risk assessment that reflects how it can safely be carried out in the marquee.

If you want to see what we mean by busking, take a peek at other stuff we’ve done: