Big Bang Fair opportunity with Rowena

Opportunity to work with Rowena Fletcher-Wood at the Big Bang Fair, at the NEC, 13th to 16th of March 2019:

There are chemicals in everything, but…

What chemicals are in the foods we eat and the medicines we take?
How do they work?
Why are some of them still a mystery?

Make your own medicine; extract active ingredients; and get stuck into chocolate.

Why do the Chinese use ginger?
Can garlic ward off heart diseases (not just vampires)?
Is chilli a poison or a painkiller?

Explore the science behind edible things and the chemicals that lie behind the potions. We will be making chocolate from cocoa powder, cocoa butter, sugar and coconut oil, mixing medicines and soaking natural ingredients in oil, water and vinegar to extract key ingredients and looking at how to improve the techniques.

I can offer £5 per day for lunch and local travel fees. Get in touch.



Science Communicator