Alzheimer’s Society dissemination grants

The Alzheimer’s Society invites applications for its dissemination grants. These support the sharing of research knowledge and material beyond researcher’s own peer groups. The aim is to encourage researchers to communicate and engage with people who may be helped and supported by the outcomes of their research and provides an opportunity for people to understand how the research findings could be used in future practice and help people affected by dementia. Target audiences may include: people affected by dementia; professional carers and care home staff; clinicians; nurses; psychologists and other allied health professions; NHS employees; managers; commissioners; policy makers. Grants may support a broad range activities, such as:

  • public engagement workshops;
  • cross-disciplinary conferences;
  • artistic exhibits, performances or festivals;
  • adapting materials for different audiences;
  • interactive technologies, databases and audio-visual products;
  • media events or written articles in newspapers or magazines;
  • software or NetWare;
  • educational aids, instrument or equipment;
  • virtual networking and interactions.

The principle applicant must have a contract of employment at a UK university, NHS site or other recognised HEI for the duration of the grant. Research does not need to have been funded by the society.

All details and application here.

Grants are worth up to £2,500.
Closing date 28th February 2019