DustSafe UK – A Global Citizen Science Project

DustSafe is an exciting new global citizen science project aiming to explore household dust and its constituents. We plan to investigate chemical and microbial diversity in the dust found in our homes. The project is part of a larger program of research led out of Macquarie University (by Professor Mark P Taylor) in Australia via the Australian Federal Government’s ‘Inspiring Australia – Science Engagement Programme ‘Citizen Science Grant’’ scheme with international partners in the UK, USA, Mexico and China. It has recently been granted approval by the Ethics Committee at Northumbria University. See flyer attached.

Full (large) vacuum bag samples are best for our analyses. Participants can also submit samples in regular freezer sandwich bags. There is a short online questionnaire that needs to be filled in – this and the sample collection instructions are on the main study website and can be accessed once you register to participate online. All information will be de-identified and held anonymously.

Further details about the global study can be found at:

Would be great if you could send your sample and spread the word to colleagues/friends/students for theirs! Your help and support is much appreciated!

Khadija Jabeen

PhD candidate – 360 Dust Analysis UK
Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences
Room A221
Ellison Building
Northumbria University
Newcastle upon Tyne