‘Average Human’ in Wolverhampton

Health researchers are asking the public to come to the Light House cinema in Wolverhampton and have a lie down – and learn about the dangers of not having enough sleep and other common obstacles to living a well-balanced life.

The interactive bedroom being created at Light House is part of an exhibition called ‘The Average Human’. The exhibition is being funded by the Wellcome Trust through a ‘People Award’. The aim is to bring biomedical science to a new audience.

Organiser Nerina Villa said: “You’ll see how much the average person eats, drinks, sleeps and excretes and what effect it has on all of us. Did you know the average person eats 32kg of added sugar a year, which is nearly three times the recommended amount?”

If you would like to get involved, share your ideas or learn about plans for the project, contact Nerina Villa at

The Average Human interactive,  exhibition will open in mid July and run through- out August.