Job – SMASHfest developer

The hunt is on for a P/T freelancer to assist with SMASHfestUK development, specifically to be involved with the development of this year’s Survival Village – where audience and engineers will work side-by-side to build shelter after an imagined disaster (This year’s theme: Supervolcano!).

If you’re not familiar with SMASHfestUK it’s a science and arts mash-up festival based in SE London. Each year it is themed around an imagined disaster scenario and it features theatre, music, interactive games, immersive learning, experiments, demonstrations, plays, cabaret and more. Our audience are local community, families and schools. 60-70% of our youth audience are BAME, and more than 50% of young people in Deptford have multiple indicators for poverty, so this is a festival is for young people who may not have access to much informal science learning. We’re all about widening participation and increasing diversity in STEM, Design and The Arts. If this is your cup of tea, please have a look at the job spec and get in touch.

The full details are pinned here

Any questions, please email Lindsay@Refinery.TV with SMASHfestUK Assistant in the title.