Judges needed for the TE EEP Robotics Challenge

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EngineeringUK and TomorrowsEngineers is currently seeking competition judges with an engineering/technology/maths/physics background to support the TE EEP Robotics Challenge!

The TE EEP Robotics Challenge gives students the opportunity to learn how to build, program and control autonomous LEGO robots in school or at after-school clubs over the course of a term. The challenge involves using these skills to complete a series of short space missions in teams using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 sets.

 From assembling the crew to launching the satellite, students demonstrate the skills they’ve learned at challenge events held around the country. Teams also research and present their own solution to a contemporary scientific problem developed by LEGO Education with NASA.

The competition judges will have the opportunity to assess:

 Robot Challenge – students complete space themed ‘missions’ using the robot the students have built under time pressure.

 Robot Design – students present the software program and…

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