PE role in Oxford

A new role (4 years; 0.6FTE) has now been advertised at the University of Oxford – this is not to be confused with the three other roles that have been advertised recently.
More here:; closing date is 29 June.
You will take responsibility for the coordination and delivery of the Public Engagement with Research activities as part of a team working on a large programme of research (funded by the Wellcome Trust) to investigate the future of meat and dairy with respect to both health and environment outcomes. This will involve: innovative activities to collaborate with communities on developing new research questions to be tested; consulting the public for their views and informing and inspiring the public through online activities and an exhibition.
What we choose to eat is one of the most important determinants of human and environmental health worldwide. Food production is directly or indirectly responsible for nearly a third of all greenhouse gas emissions, uses 70% of available freshwater and is a major source of environmental pollution.
Animal-sourced foods in particular, such as meat and dairy, are major contributors to this and will be the focus for this project. The project’s interdisciplinary research includes a strong focus on the social science, economic and
political aspects of food with a programme of public engagement embedded throughout.
The Public Engagement Coordinator (0.6FTE) will manage the design, development, delivery and evaluation of the public engagement with research programme and will be part of, and work very closely with, the wider research team and other internal colleagues in addition to building relationships with external partners and contracting consultants as required.