‘The Bridge’: SciArt residency

Are you a performance artist interested in collaborating with a geologist? Are you a programmer looking to interact with an art historian? Are you a poet who wants to work with an expert in the birth of the universe? Are you a microbiologist seeking to visualize your findings with the help of a sculptor?

“The Bridge: Experiments in Science & Art” is now open for applications. This virtual collaborative residency program creates pairs of cross-disciplinary professionals who embark on a fourth month long collaboration of their own devising. In this open call format, we find the best three pairs based on fitness, to help you meet the collaborator of your professional dreams. Each pair – which often span geographies – collaborates to inform each other’s work, as well as create something new. With an emphasis on exploring the natural process of collaboration, “The Bridge” residents are not bound by rules or expectations, and are limited only by each collaboration’s imagination.

“The Bridge” is open internationally, to practicing professionals in the arts, sciences, technology, humanities, and more!

Deadline to apply: July 5, 2017
Residency period: September 1 – December 31, 2017

Full details here!