Regional CREST Support organisation tender

The British Science Association (BSA) has recently opened an invitation to tender for a new role in the CREST Awards network –regional CREST Support Organisation (rCSO).

We are looking for individuals or organisations to promote and support CREST Awards in a region.

About CREST Awards

The CREST Awards scheme is the BSA’s flagship programme for young people, providing a flexible STEM project framework that inspires and engages 5-to-19-year-olds. The CREST Awards scheme has a longstanding legacy, with the BSA celebrating 30 years of CREST in 2017.

During a CREST Award project, students take on the roles of scientists, researchers, engineers and designers to pursue their own ideas. It is the antithesis of ‘recipe’-style science. No CREST project is identical. Even when set the same brief, students produce unique, creative solutions and ideas to tackle the problem.

More information about CREST Awards is available at

About the role

The rCSO will actively promote and support CREST Awards in their region, for, on average, one working day per week.

This involves:

  • Raising the awareness of CREST Awards in their region, encouraging educators to sign up for a free CREST online account and undertake projects and activities;
  • Promoting CREST to schools, clubs and other organisations that work with young people, using their strong and growing network of regional contacts.
  • Developing strategic relationships with local businesses, especially those in STEM or STEM-related sectors; and
  • Attending and organising local meetings and events, that are attended by educators and students, to promote CREST Awards.

The rCSO will be paid a flat fee of £4,500 per year, per region. The BSA will also pay yearly bonuses based on the increase in number of Awards sold – £1000 for a 50% increase on the region’s previous yearly sales, and £2250 for a 100% increase.

View our website if you would like more information about the role, the regions you can apply for, and how to apply.

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