Collaborators & sponsors wanted for Arts/Music event in Edinburgh

Paradigm Electronic Arts Festival is a fusion of events, exhibition, networking and workshops where design and technology meet art and music. It exists to represent and develop participation in electronic arts in Edinburgh and spark relationships for international artistic collaborations.

Paradigm is a new node for attracting emerging culture and innovation, a place for digital pioneers to establish their practice, test new ground and expose Edinburgh as a world leader in Design, Innovation and Music.

The festival encompasses the entire Biscuit Factory Building, creating zones across two floors enabling workshops, live performances and interactive installations to take place concurrently in a meaningful way. A set of curated artists will explore the theme “Inside Out” utilising electronic and digital technologies which span Design, Interactive, Sound and Visual art.

Paradigm will also stage an Immersive late-night electronic music and visual experience with international DJs and live acts playing side-by-side with Scotland’s most promising newcomers.

We are currently looking for collaborators/sponsors to lead daily workshops that would marry science/design/technology/art/music.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and other ways to be involved, please get in contact or
Karolina Zakarauskaite
Media Liaison