Mission: Possible – a science communication challenge

There is gold in this. Take a lesson from Obee by spending a few minutes reading this, then a few hours contemplating the opportunities and how you should target them better.

The Obee Reardon

The brief arrived via Twitter. 


How could I resist? This blog is about generating some ideas not taking into consideration time, money, people, resources and logistics. To make things really interesting the questioner is based in the USA but requested ideas that can be adapted by them to their science communication world. These are the assumptions I’ve made:

  • the questioner has a background in science communication and public engagement so I’m not going to dwell on that
  • all students will be trained, briefed, supported, debriefed and lessons learned. I’ll write a post about the importance of these in the future.
  • the questioner has checked for existing activities. Partnering makes things simpler and easier, avoiding duplication of effort, wasting resources and possible confusion for audiences (“What the heck are you doing here when someone else talked about this last week”).

Story telling

Stories are powerful things and stretch way back…

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