Here is a little about people in the region who say they do a little scicomm. If you want a profile, just shout us; we would love to have you listed here.

Mo Rassul

Hey! I am Mo, and an exuberant neuroscientist; I started with humble beginnings as an artist, however the siren song of science later lured me in to do a Degree in Neuroscience. With that I was hooked, and like any addict I fed my addiction, a science festival here, a small masters degree in physical sciences there, a PhD in secret in the backroom, there was no end to my addiction. Now, the problem with an addiction like this, is you always want company, people who you can enjoy your vice with, so I started going to into public areas, schools, and even museums, and shared my vice with those who would listen. With that here I am, sitting in a lab in Birmingham, looking for more opportunities to share some science.

I have got involved in many events whether it was science busking within festivals such as CoCoMAD, ‘Brain Week’, and the British science festival; or demonstrating less mobile science such as with Thinktank ‘Meet the Scientists’, or the Big Bang fair. I have also been in many science discussion events such as ‘I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here’, Pint of Science, and “die kleine NaturWissenschaft Tournee”.

Coralie Acheson

I’m Coralie – a lapsed archaeologist now PhD researcher in Cultural Heritage. I’m exploring how the things that are significant about Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site (in Shropshire) get communicated to tourists and what they make of it all. Before getting into this I both studied and worked as an archaeologist and planning consultant but I realised I had become more interested in why people care about the past – hence the diversion into the dark side of heritage studies! The best thing about that has been that I actually get to talk to living people as part of my work which has got me trying to think of more and better ways to do this. I’ve been exploring using storytelling, walking and filmmaking as ways of communicating research, which led to the creation of a social media art installation called #SlowIronbridge which I’ve used to connect with locals, practitioners and artists. I’m really excited about trying to find new ways to talk about arts and social science research, particularly within the physical and online spaces where the research has taken place.  

Martin Khechara

Martin Khechara is Senior lecturer in Biomedical Science and a Fellow of Public Engagement in STEM for the University of Wolverhampton. He is also a science communicator and specialises in developing, producing and directing of large interactive science theatre events. He leads the STEM public engagement group ‘The science objective’ (formerly Science Shack) and organises and compares Wolverhampton’s only pub science night Science Re-Public.

Charlotte Hale

Hello, I am Charlotte and I founded FLUX: Moving Science, a performance company which translates scientific research into dance theatre. A science-comm enthusiast, I work with both researchers and in schools to bring science to life through movement and theatre. I have worked in collaboration with some of the leading institutions in the UK, most recently The University of Oxford, exploring Chromatin structures and translating them into dance!

This year, I have been selected onto the Talent Factory with Steve Cross. I am an advocate for Science/Art Collaboration, and have presented at the Royal Opera House Conference and later this year at the BSA MARCH conference highlighting the significance the arts play in effective Science communication.

Rachel Kahn

Hello! My name is Rachel Kahn and I am about to embark on my third year of Medical Science at the University of Birmingham. A lover of all things healthcare and medical research based, communicating and engaging science is a niche I find myself getting further involved in and I’m loving every second!

From presenting, writing or interviewing, you’ll normally find me tweeting about some sort of science engagement! I’m about to embark on a 12-week adventure at the Wellcome Trust in their Engaging Science department and will soon go behind the scenes at L’oreal’s ‘Women in Science’ awards as a reporter. Nothing makes me happier than working alongside a team, and the family at #BrumSciComm is a very special unit that I would encourage everyone to get involved in!

Jessica ‘Chuck’ Sales

Hello! I’m Jess and I am part of the Quality Control department at SI Group, a global chemical manufacturing company. My career in the chemical industry began through an apprenticeship scheme, gaining a first class degree in Chemical Science from Manchester Metropolitan University as well as gaining work based skills in a laboratory.

I try to volunteer in a number of events to promote apprenticeships as a stepping stone into a career in science. I have been part of the RSC ‘Diversity at Work’ day and, through BrumSciComm and Science Grrl, I have taken part in the Birmingham Think Tank’s ‘Chemistry at Work’, the Pint Of Science Festival and the Birmingham Science Festival. I have received awards and recognition from Chemical NorthWest and RSC for my work as an apprentice and engaging the public.

Lucy Richardson

Hi! I’m Lucy; I graduated from my BSc Geology with Ocean Science in Sept ’15 and discovered my passion for science communication while studying at Plymouth University. I’m aiming to follow science communication as a career and work for AimHigher in the West Midlands.

As a student ambassador I got involved with events such as the Fossil Festival and now I’m back in Birmingham I’m trying to get involved with as much as possible. I’m a STEM Ambassador, which has allowed me to get involved with projects like Go4SET, STEM for Girls events and the Big Bang Fair. I’m also a member of the committee for the West Midlands Branch of the British Science Association. You can keep track of all my volunteering activities at lucyvolunteersblog.wordpress.com or on Twitter @loopeelu.

Ian Hands-Portman

I’m Ian,  my day job is making small things look very big with the aid of huge microscopes. Mostly the small things are viruses and enzymes, occasionally they’re weird things like pieces of rock from Mars, dog hairs or samples of ice cream.  As electron microscopes weigh several tons and my other confocal microscopes use deadly lasers I do other things when I’m let out in public.

I’m a STEM ambassador, Slime mold evangelist – seriously, these guys make amazing pets and regularly take part in outreach events such as the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Big Bang Fair. I’ve even been known to turn my hand – and my mouth to stand up comedy.

I’m a bee keeper and write about my experiences with the bees at https://thenakedapiarist.com/

Aimee Goodall

Hi! I’m Aimee, a newbie science communicator and a PhD student at the University of Birmingham. I’m looking how different heat treatments affect what steel looks like on a microscopic level and how this changes what it can be used for. My undergraduate degree was in Forensic Science, it taught me that science should make sense to everybody, if it doesn’t you’re explaining it wrong.

Most recently, I have helped present a workshop at the Big Bang Fair and I’m also alumni of “I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!” When I’m not looking down a microscope I’m part of the University of Birmingham’s WISE Society, a ScienceGrrl and STEM ambassador – As a newbie in the SciComm world, I’m sure you will hear more!

Caroline Gillett

Caroline works at the University of Birmingham as the Public Engagement with Research Officer, funded through Research Councils UK Catalyst Seed Fund. She works across the whole University creating momentum for culture change around public engagement within the institution. She is a key member of the Public Engagement with Research Committee, chaired by Professor Alice Roberts. Previously, Caroline project managed a city centre pop-up shop showcasing the University’s research to the public. She has also spent significant time volunteering, interning and working in the arts carrying out liaison, production and programme coordinator roles in experimental, cross-disciplinary festivals and cultural organizations aligned to her personal interest in music/art. Her own research background is in Psychology, having completed MRes and PhD degrees within the field of Cognitive Neuroscience. She enjoys meeting researchers, science communicators and creatives to explore public engagement opportunities!


Jon Wood

Hola, I’m a freelance science presenter with an interest in how the history of experimentation has left us with a legacy of great things to demonstrate in a fun way. Have developed and delivered lots of  entertaining and informative science events for all audiences ranging from schools, children and families to retired professionals. I’m a STEM ambassador, a ScienceGrrl and work part time as a science communicator and public engagement bod at University of Birmingham. I occasional write drivel on my website.

Jon has prepared and delivered live science experiences for the BBC Learning and Science teams when on tour with Bang Goes The Theory, The One Show, Cheltenham Science Festivals and for CBBC’s Absolute Genius Live: The Best Bits at the Edinburgh Festival, CBBC Live in Leeds and CBeebies.

Naomi Green

I’m Naomi, a chartered mechanical engineer with 10 years’ experience in industry and academia. After graduation in 2004 I worked at Arup, an engineering consultancy. Six years later I returned to university to become a biomedical engineer. I am a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Biomedical Research Group in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. I am a liaison between clinicians, researchers and industry to help develop innovative medical technologies. During my PhD I researched the design and manufacture of spinal implants called Total Disc Replacements. They are designed to replace damaged intervertebral discs in the spine.

An award winning outreach ambassador at the University of Birmingham, a STEM ambassador, a ScienceGrrl, and a winning alumni of I’m an Engineer, Get Me Out Of Here! Oh, did I say I sing with @BrumCityChoir?