Health/Medical experts for C4 show

A new series in production for Channel 4 is looking for health and medical experts for on-camera roles. ‘24 Hours Inside Your Body’ will follow three volunteers across one day, monitoring what happens to their bodies in intricate detail and looking at the impacts on their health – from the position they sleep in to the food they eat and the jobs they do. The experts will spot points when a volunteer’s lifestyle is negatively affecting their well-being and will try to influence the volunteers to make changes that will improve their lives.

The producers are open to considering a range of experts, which is likely to include a dietician but also other professionals able to explain how our bodies work and the consequences of factors including environment, stress, sleep, exercise, weather etc.

Experts who are interested in applying should contact with ‘medical expertise’ in the subject line, and mention hearing about the opportunity through The Academic Ideas Lab in their email.

If you’re interested don’t delay in replying – producers are usually on a schedule and things move quickly.



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