fizzPOP makerspace

fizzPOP are a Makerspace in Birmingham; a community-owned physical space where people come together to collaborate, sharing ideas, knowledge and tools. They host talks and have workshops, providing members with access to machinery or some combination of many other possible facilities. Learning to solder, program, operate a laser cutter, use tools, design or just make things is a lot easier and more fun with guidance from others.

They meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm ’til around 10:00pm at for a general social and a hack session. Everyone is welcome to bring something down and work on it and share and get involved with members and non-members projects alike, as well has look around the space.

First Wednesday of the month: SPORT PICKING! Locks, how they work, and the opening of them without the usual key has long held a fascination for many people. Once able to pick a lock, the competition to see who can open it fastest is sometimes strangely intense, and as each lock falls open it is very enjoyable. As well as teaching the basics, often advanced tricks are found, known as bypasses, and although these are rarely taught or demonstrated the results are, as with computer security flaws, normally fed back to the manufacturer.

Last Wednesday of the month: CODING WEDNESDAY! There will be people on code academy, people following YouTube tutorials and some using books. Come along and learn a language.

All their contact details are in the Spaces directory.