BSA media fellowship, funded by RSC

The British Science Association are now accepting applications for a media fellowship we’ve funded – following a successful first round of sponsorship last year.

Head to for the application form and please note, the deadline for applications is 17 April 2017.

Robert Thompson from UCL was our first BSA media fellow last year, spending almost two months working with the BBC science unit. He says: “It was amazing to get an opportunity to understand how the news machine works with academia, and to understand what really makes a story interesting. Over the seven weeks embedded with the team at the BBC I contributed to around 15 online and radio stories about science, like a piece on how museums are using nano-sensors to monitor volatile chemicals and preserve modern art. It was really cool getting to go into the back room at the Tate Modern and interview the conservators.

“I really did influence the news that was being written when I was at the BBC. I was particularly proud to be the first media fellow to receive a producer credit at the BBC, on the World Service science hour. Since doing the fellowship I’ve been able to use my contacts to influence other news stories. But the best thing has been having the

chance to share my knowledge around the science community and really change colleagues’ viewpoints and ability to interact with the media, which has been really fulfilling.”

Please note that the fellowship we fund is only open to our members. A number of fellowships are available via UK universities. If you are a member of staff at a university partner, you should apply for the scheme through your internal application process.

If you have any questions please contact the BSA’s Clio Heslop in the first instance, on