Children’s Book Series

The Marie Curie Alumni Association is launching a children’s book series about scientists, with the first in the series focussing on Marie Curie.

From the IndieGoGo page description:

“Children are constantly exposed to superhero role models who rely on supernatural powers, something to which kids cannot relate. By focusing on the scientist’s key personality trait—in this case, persistence—and that role in the heroes’ success, we show children that great achievement is not limited to a select group of masterminds, but rather is within the reach of anyone.

Superheroes are important role models for children and this book series will introduce the young readers to the achievements of great scientists such as Marie Curie in a fun and engaging way. It will help children understand that, unlike being bitten by a radioactive spider, scientific achievement is a realistic goal, and celebrating these real-life heroes will encourage kids to explore the many possibilities a STEM program offers.”

If you are interested in supporting this project, know any aspiring scientists (aged 5-9) that would like to participate in the drawing contest or just spread the word, you can find all the information here.